About us

 Hi, I'm Katy, the Pharmacist behind The Traveler's Pharmacy.  I was pursuing a pretty typical career in pharmacy, working at a hospital in Seattle, WA when life gave me an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. My husband was asked to move to Italy for work so we packed up our life, I said goodbye to my job, and we moved to Florence Italy in the summer of 2019. Now I’m enjoying the ex-pat life and writing about my adventures here. I still love health and helping others find ways to feel their best, thus the name Traveler’s Pharmacy. To me, a pharmacy has always been more than a place to pick up a prescription. It’s a place to ask advice, find support, and learn together. That’s the goal of this website. I believe in seeing the world and feeling great while doing it and I would love to help you along the way. Now, get back out there and happy adventuring!

Katy Guglielmino