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Whether it's for a birthday, the holidays, or just because finding the perfect gift for the traveler in your life can be challenging.  Something that looks amazing and useful online may not be so in real life.  That's where we come in.  This list contains our favorites for travel so you can buy with confidence and enjoy the many thanks you'll get for being such a great gift giver. 

 Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, The Traveler's Pharmacy will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

For the Smart Phone Addict - The Jackery Bolt

Whether they are an Android or an iPhone, give the gift of extra power. It’s not hard to find a portable cell phone battery these days but it is hard to find an awesome portable cell phone battery.  The Jackery Bolt falls into the awesome category for a few reasons. It has built-in charging cables (lightning and micro USB,) so it's good to go all by itself.  No more forgetting that extra cable needed to attach to the portable battery to make it functional.  The battery holds 6000 mAh of charge, enough to charge your phone to 100% at least 1.5 times!  The Bolt charges super quickly reaching maximum charge within a couple of hours, but if the wait for a fully charged phone is too torturous the compact style of the Bolt allows you to still comfortably use or store your phone while charging. Coming in at about $30, the Jackery bolt is sure to please the phone loving traveler on your list and your wallet.



 For the Million Miler - Luggage Works Suitcase

Luggage Works Stealth Air SuitcaseNot your average suitcase, the luggage works bags pride themselves on lasting durability through quality manufacturing and serviceability.  These are the bags airplane pilots roll through the airport because they can take a beating, day after day, year after year.  Built with an external metal frame, rugged sealed bearing wheels, and hand assembled for quality control, this suitcase will last a lifetime, and if it doesn’t, they have a repairs department that can handle anything needed to get your bag up and running again.  These suitcases aren’t for everyone, as the focus on durability does increase the weight and the price. But for those frequent travelers who find themselves going through a suitcase a year due to wear and tear, this bag will be a game changer.


For the Caffeine Addict - Instant coffee by Sudden Coffee

Sudden Coffee Instant coffee

Instant coffee isn’t what it used to be, with many quality roasters entering the space and putting a modern touch on this old-school beverage.  As the caffeine addicted traveler knows, finding quality coffee away from your usual haunts can be challenging. Plus, those early morning departures don’t always lend time to stop by a local café.  Enter Sudden Coffee, which makes a decent cup of joe only 10 ounces of hot water away.  Using single origin beans, the coffee is brewed and then freeze-dried in small batches to create coffee crystals that retain the quality of the brew.  Packed into single-use containers, the Sudden Coffe crystals stay fresh until ready to be brewed into a cup of coffee once more. Buy this for the caffeine addict on your list and you are sure to be on the best gift givers list.


For the Constantly Cold Traveler - A travel blanket

You know the type -wearing their winter coat on the airplane even when it’s summer just to prevent themselves from freezing. Save them from themselves by giving the gift of less embarrassing warmth. This micro-plush travel blanket packs up nicely into a compact zipper storage case making it easy to take along on any trip.  Once unpacked, the blanket offers the poor cold traveler respite under its ample size and soft texture.  If extra warmth isn’t needed, the carrying case acts as a pillow to help the weary traveler catch a bit of shut-eye.  Stylish and compact, this travel blanket is a much needy travel accessory for the chronically chilled traveler. 


For the Aspirational Organizer - Packing cubes by Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

    We all know the person who swears this is the trip where they are going to get their act together but yet finishes packing as the ride to the airport is pulling up.  Eagle Creek packing cubes are the perfect gift, as they take up nearly zero space but help keep suitcases stay organized. The lightweight fabric is translucent enough to see what is packed inside, allowing for effortless organization and the ability to unpack only what is needed at any destination. The cubes are also water-resistant and have anti-stain properties giving travelers peace of mind that a spill won't ruin the whole suitcase.  This is the gift that makes becoming organized easier and helps the recipient become their best self.


    For the Traveling Bookworm - The Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

    Kindle paperwhite ereaderWhat’s better than giving a book? Giving a gift that can store all the books without adding the weight of all the books to a suitcase.  The Kindle Paperwhite also boasts tons of other impressive features that make reading more pleasurable, from being able to adjust text size to calculating time to read. Different from a standard tablet, the Kindle Paperwhite allows you to read outdoors in bright sunlight without screen glare and smartly adjusts the screen brightness when coming indoors and reading at night. The bookworm on your list is sure to never run out of something new to read and the Kindle Paperwhite has the battery power to keep up with their ever-growing reading lists. 


    For the Stylish Traveler - A button-up shirt by Outlier

    Outlier merino button up shirtTravel isn't exactly easy on clothes, but thankfully Outlier has found a way to design a shirt that is able to stand up to tests of travel year-round. Naturally thermoregulating, wrinkle and odor resistant, this fine button-up shirt is also extremely soft to the touch. Made with extremely fine merino in the fine Italian shirting tradition, this is the perfect gift for the stylish traveler in your life.




     For the Weekend Warrior - A Multi-functional Travel Bag

    Keeping your suit looking nice for a weekend getaway has been challenging until this combinatmultifunctional travel bagion garment and duffel bag came along.  It unzips and unrolls to allow for wrinkle-free storage of suits and dresses then zips up to hold your other garments. Separate side pockets assure that your shoes never sully the inside of the bag. Perfect for life on the move, this bag assures that you'll look like you haven't traveled at all once you get to your destination. 


    For the Favorite Person on your list, Yourself - An e-mail subscription to Scott’s Cheap Flights  

    Scott's Cheap FlightsGive yourself the gift of cheap flights to make feeding your travel addiction guilt-free for the next year.  Subscribers to Scott’s Cheap Flights paid service receive e-mail alerts for all the cheap flights and mistake fares Scott’s team finds departing your preferred airports. Savings start at ~$200 but the best deals can save you 50% of the typical price for airfare.  You deserve to travel more and you deserve to save some cash doing so.


     For the Habitual Over-packer - A Travel Luggage Scale


    Baggage fees just seem to keep going up in price, which for the over-packer, can end up added significant costs to a trip.  With this handy portable luggage scale, they'll know before they get to the airport if all their souvenirs put that bulging suitcase over the weight limit. At 3.2 ounces and less than six inches, this device is sure to be more of a help than a hindrance. 


    For the Summer Shoe Lover - A Stylish yet Comfortable Sandal

     Women are often willing to sacrifice comfort for stBorn Trang sandals comfortable walking sandalsyle, but with the Born Trang Sandal, you don't have to.  The padded footbed will stand up to a full day of adventures while the stylish leather comes in a variety of colors sure to match any outfit. Its low profile will also make packing it into a suitcase painless, possibly freeing up additional space for needed items, like one more pair of shoes. 

    For the Writer - A Leather Travel Journal

    Leather Travel JournalFor the companion who loves to record travel memories in a more old-fashioned way, this stylish leather journal is sure to be their best sidekick.  With a binding the allows for page refills, this journal can also last a lifetime.  We love the unlined craft paper pages where our imaginations really can come to life with sketches along with our daily journaling. 





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