Feed Your Heart and Soul With These 15 Fantastic Book Recommendations for Travel Lovers

Sometimes all you need to take you to an unknown destination is a delightful book.  Whether you're into nonfiction, poetry, or something in between the following 15 book recommendations are sure to transport and inspire you. 

Nonfiction book recommendation travel lover


Pages: 304     Read Time: 5 Hours     Audiobook: 8.5 hours     Published: 2020

  • The Art of the Wasted Day: Not exactly how-to guide but rather an homage to those who choose internal pursuits and a life of leisure to achieve happiness.  

Pages: 282     Read Time: 4.5 Hours     Audiobook: 9 hours     Published: 2018

 Pages: 304     Read Time: 5 Hours    Audiobook: 8 hours     Published: 2019

  • Lands of Lost Borders: A Journey on the Silk Road:  Kate Harris's memoir is for those who long to be an explorer but feel like they may have arrived on the planet too late. You'll feel reinvigorated about travel and exploring things that are new for you.  

Pages: 312     Read Time: 5.5 Hours   Audiobook: 11 hours     Published: 2018

  • The Geography of Bliss: For those searching for a new home, wondering if life abroad really is better than where they are, consider reading Eric Weiner's inspirational tome. 

Pages: 353     Read Time: 6 Hours   Audiobook: 11 hours     Published: 2008

Fiction Book Recommendation For Travel Lover


  • The Alchemist: Possibly the ultimate book recommendation for a travel lover, this timeless novel follows Santiago on a quest from Spain to Egypt for an unknown treasure.  It's a riveting story that proves what we travelers already know: the journey can be more valuable than the destination.

Pages: 208     Read Time: 4 Hours   Audiobook: 4 hours     Published: 1988

  • The Beach: An addictive tale that explores a new Eden on an island off of Thailand, this novel will transport you as soon as you open the cover.  It's part travel log, part thriller, part utopian novel.  Thrilling til the end it's definitely worth the read. 

Pages: 448     Read Time: 6 Hours   Audiobook: 11 hours     Published: 1998

  • Shantaram: If you are looking for a long novel and want to immerse yourself in the seedy underbelly of Bombay, Shantaram is for you. You'll follow an escaped convict as he seeks to disappear, finding trouble, love, and adventure along the way.

Pages: 936     Read Time: 26 Hours   Audiobook: 43 hours     Published: 2004

  •  The Alexandria Quartet: Set in 1940s Egypt, this four-book series transports you to another place and time.  Through wars, affairs, and healings, the lush prose illustrates the life of L.G. Darley vividly. 

Pages: 850     Read Time: 24 Hours   Audiobook: 41 hours     Published: 1991

  • Kitchen: A Japanese tale of the power of home kitchens and the inspiring role of mothers, Kitchen is an unexpected and enchanting story.  Be prepared to get emotional while being immersed in the simplicity of daily Japanese life. 

Pages: 160     Read Time: 3 Hours     Audiobook: 4.5 hours     Published: 2006

Poem And Short Story Book Recommendation for Travel Lover

Poems and Short Stories

  • Eye Level: An award-winning debut collection of poems by Jennie Xie, Eye Level explores the solitude that sometimes accompanies travel.  The poems reach outward and then inward, exploring self and travel through multiple lenses.  Pick up this collection to take a journey without ever leaving your couch. 

Pages: 80     Read Time: 1 Hour     Published: 2018

  • A Moveable Feast: Part memoir, part essay collection, A Moveable Feast details the life of Ernest Hemingway while he was an unknown writer in Paris.  You'll be transported to the glamourous world of 1920s Paris where one could live on $5 a day and rub elbows with the most extraordinary famous individuals.  Quick and lighthearted it is the perfect weekday read. 

Pages: 144     Read Time: 3 Hours     Audiobook: 2.5 hours     Published: 1964

  • Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands: A mix of fact and fiction blending with beautiful artistic cartography makes Judith Schalansky's Atlas a fabulous read.  Explore 50 remote islands and learn some of the history surrounding them through vivid prose.  It may be an unusual book recommendation for a travel lover. However, it's the perfect book for those who know that travel can be enjoyed just as thoroughly within our own minds. 

Pages: 240     Read Time: 3.5 Hours   Published: 2012

  • Questions of Travel: Written during a 15-year stay in Brazil, Questions of Travel is a unique collection of poetry and prose.  It explores the questions we have all experienced, whether abroad, at home, or somewhere in between.  Originally published in 1965, the themes still ring true today. 

Pages: 95     Read Time: 2 Hours   Published: 1965

  •  You Are Here: Maps and travel go hand in hand.  It's difficult to discover new places without knowing where you are and where you are going.  You Are Here takes a more abstract approach to maps allowing us to be transported to unknown worlds, both real and imaginary. 

Pages: 192    Published: 2003

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