20 Best Loop Hiking Trails in the Western United States

Home to the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, the Western United States has many beautiful hikes to offer.  You don't have to be super fit or a hardcore backpacker to enjoy the natural beauty of these states.  These hiking trails are easy to moderate.  They are all less than 10 miles long, so they can be done in a day or less.  And since they are all loops, you'll get to maximize the amount of scenery.

Moderate Difficulty Hikes

You'll gain some serious elevation in many of these hikes.  The effort pays off with gorgeous views and a high likelihood of a waterfall or lake. 


Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest                         Granite Falls, Washington
Distance: 7 miles                                                                             Elevation Gain: 1,453 feet

Lake 22 Best Hiking Trail


Genesee Park                                                                                                 Kittredge, Colorado
Distance: 5.1 miles                                                                         Elevation Gain: 1,105 feet

Chavez and Beaver Best Hiking Trail


Silver Falls State Park                                                                                    Silverton, Oregon
Distance: 7.6 miles                                                                         Elevation Gain: 1,194 feet

Trail of Ten Falls Best Hiking Trail


Arapaho National Forest                                                                        Evergreen, Colorado
Distance: 4.2 miles                                                                             Elevation Gain: 875 feet

maxwell falls best hiking trail


Mount Rainier National Park                                                     Paradise Inn, Washington
Distance: 5.9 miles                                                                          Elevation Gain: 1,788 feet

skyline best hiking trail


Mount Hood National Forest                                                         Rhododendron, Oregon
Distance: 8.2 miles                                                                         Elevation Gain: 1,095 feet

ramona falls best hiking trail


Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area                        Malibu, California
Distance: 3.2 miles                                                                              Elevation Gain: 797 feet

Solstice canyon best hiking trail


Mount Tamalpais State Park                                                      Stinson Beach, California
Distance: 7.8 miles                                                                         Elevation Gain: 1,781 feet

Dispea Matt davis best hiking trail


Golden Gate National Recreation Area                                  San Francisco, California
Distance: 3.4 miles                                                                             Elevation Gain: 538 feet

Lands end best hiking trail


Zion National Park                                                                                            Springdale, Utah
Distance: 3.1 miles                                                                             Elevation Gain: 646 feet

The watchman best hiking trail


Easy Hikes

Great for those just getting started with hiking, these trails offer fabulous scenery while staying on a flatter plane.  Beautiful lakes and striking rock features abound on these hiking trails. 


Hidden Falls Regional Park                                                                 Newcastle, California
Distance: 3.2 miles                                                                             Elevation Gain: 475 feet

Hidden Falls Best Hiking Trail


Mount Rainier National Park                                                               Ashford, Washington
Distance: 3.3 miles                                                                             Elevation Gain: 636 feet

Naches Peak Best Hiking Trail


Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve                                                    San Diego, California
Distance: 7.4 miles                                                                             Elevation Gain: 147 feet

Penasquitos Canyon Best Hiking Trail


Yosemite National Park                                                              Yosemite Valley, California
Distance: 5.6 miles                                                                              Elevation Gain: 334 feet

Mirror Lake Best Hiking Trail


Grand Teton National Park                                                                           Moose, Wyoming
Distance: 4.1 miles                                                                             Elevation Gain: 429 feet

Taggart Lake Best Hiking Trail


Garden of the Gods                                                                   Colorado Springs, Colorado
Distance: 3.7 miles                                                                            Elevation Gain: 416 feet

Garden of the Gods Best Hiking Trail


Arapaho National Forest                                                                               Granby, Colorado
Distance: 4.2 miles                                                                             Elevation Gain: 223 feet

Monarch Lake Best Hiking Trail  


Yellowstone National Park                                 Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Distance: 4.5 miles                                                                             Elevation Gain: 242 feet

Upper Geyser Basin Best Hiking Trail


Mount Rainier National Park                                                                 Randle, Washington
Distance: 4.0 miles                                                                             Elevation Gain: 705 feet

Silver Falls Best Hiking Trail


Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest                               Leavenworth, Washington
Distance: 4.5 miles                                                                              Elevation Gain: 387 feet

Icicle Gorge Best Hiking Trail


Now you know the best hiking trails to plan your next adventure outdoors.  Did your favorite hike make the list?  Did I miss one that you think is better? Let me know in the comments below.



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