The Best Cocktail Bars in Florence You Haven't Visited, Yet

Home to the Negroni, Florence is an exciting place for cocktail lovers. You can find a diverse offering of libations in this historic city, but not all bars are created equal.  For those seeking to enjoy only the best libations the city has to offer, this list will help you achieve that goal. 


San Frediano

I would argue that the three best cocktail bars in Florence are all within a block of each other.  Just on the other side of the river, Oltrarno is sometimes overlooked by tourists but never missed by locals.  Head here for some of the city's best bartenders serving up new concoctions and classics alike. 

MAD Souls & Spirits

MAD souls and spirits cocktail bar florence

This bar immediately grabs you with its personality through its teal walls and copper piping. The menu is creative, constantly changing, and dedicated to highlighting spirits. You won't find wine, beer or non-alcoholic beverages offered here; they are dedicated uncompromisingly to their cocktail craft.  The music is great, the bartenders are friendly, and the prices are reasonable. Overall, a wonderful spot for Aperitivo or after-dinner drinks. 

Love Craft - Whiskey and Blends

Love Craft Whisky Cocktail Bar Florence

You don't have to be a whiskey lover to enjoy Florence's first dedicated whiskey bar. Behind the bar, you will find over 200 different types of whiskeys and scotch that are expertly blended into craft cocktails or are left alone to be enjoyed as part of a tasting flight. It's a must-stop for anyone looking for something different in Florence. My only advice is to make sure you have eaten something to soak up these powerful cocktails beforehand as they don't offer food here. 

La Cité - Libreria Caffè

La Cite Libreria Caffe Florence Cocktail Bar

This cafe by day, bar by night pours out solid classic cocktails in a cozy, library-esque environment. They also host weekly programs with local artists and authors and occasionally have live music.  You'll find locals and foreign exchange students tucked away in all corners, gossiping into the morning hours.  Come here to relax, make new friends, catch up with old ones, and drink solid cocktails at reasonable prices. 

Santo Spirito

RasputinRasputin bar Santo Spirito cocktail bar florence

If you can manage to find your way in here, you will be in for a treat.  This speakeasy holds strong to the tradition, with its location hidden unless you are in the know.  Inside you'll feel like you’ve just uncovered a secret world of throw rugs, antiques and vermouth.  Call to book a table+39 055 280 399


Ditta Artigianale 

Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno Cocktail bar florence

This excellent coffee shop also offers great cocktails in the evening. Staying true to the Florence gin revival, most original drinks feature gin, but you can find other spirits here.  They also offer a light dinner menu, so you can enjoy some snacks while you drink as well. With indoor, outdoor and upstairs seating you should be able to find a spot even in the busiest hours. 


Santa Croce/Sant'Ambrogio

Locale Firenze 

Locale Firenze Cocktail Bar Florence

The interior of this restaurant and bar is simply stunning and reminds me of bars back in the States.  With a living wall and glass ceiling, its definitely a change in atmosphere from the antique feel of most Florentine establishments.  They keep the modern feel with their menu as well, issuing you a book rather than a list.  While drinks will cost you here (20€ and up,) they are delicious and, in my opinion, worth the price. 


Don't let the nightclub vibe fool you, this establishment takes cocktails seriously.  Offering a unique list of home-infused spirits you are sure to find a drink here that you can't have anywhere else. Come earlier if you want something quieter, as the party picks up after midnight. 

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