Our 10 Favorite Items to Pack in a Carry-On

What you carry-on in your personal item, can be well, personal. However, I love seeing what items others can't live without, and more often than not I find a new must-have to bring along to make my travel more enjoyable.  My style is usually to have my personal item and carry-on combined since I pack light but love checking my bag so I can move through the airport more easily. 


Carry-on Essentials to Pack

1. Leather travel cord organizer

It can hold three cables and two plugs, plus my European adapter all in one place so I don't have waste time searching for the right cable in my bag. It rolls up and looks great, saving time and space.

2. Pocket Tripod

This slim device turns into a tripod for your phone with a few quick twists. Perfect for when you are on the go and want more stability for your shot than holding your phone. 

3. Softy Wipes

These antibacterial wipes are the greatest. They are large enough to clean your tray table, armrest and seatbelt buckle - all the key areas for germ exposure. The scent is light enough to not annoy those around you. I always travel with at least two so I can protect myself from picking up any illness-causing bugs on the plane. 

4. Dang coconut chips

These things are like crack. Lightly salted and lightly sweet, they are simply the greatest low carb snack. I always pack a bag to keep the hunger at bay. Make sure to read the labels, because some flavors do add sugar which ups the carb count a bit, if that is something you are tracking. 

5. Passport & Travel wallet 

I got this back in high school and continue to use it. I like the feel the leather has taken on over the years plus the security the button strap gives my cards from would-be pickpockets.  

6. Push Journal 

I use this as a planner and organizer and it helps me stay on top of my goals, even while traveling. Each day has a section for tracking water intake, which is something I struggle with while traveling. Plus, there's plenty of room for taking notes to make sure you remember the best parts of the trip. 

7. Toiletry items

You know that little goody bag the dentist sends you home with twice a year but you never use since you have an electric toothbrush at home? Those items are perfect for your carry-on bag. You can freshen up after sleeping for hours which I'm sure your travel companions will appreciate.   

8. Earplugs 

I use my glasses case to its full capacity, not only storing my glasses but also a contact case filled with solution for ease of removal when I decide I'm ready for a nap.  I also have a pair of earplugs in there to drown out (or at least reduce) any weird airplane noises that want to interrupt my ability to sleep.  

9. Consultant's Cache travel medication kit

You never know when you might start feeling off while on a trip. Usually, at home, I'll suffer through it, but if I'm on vacation, I like to attack it quickly with some medicine so I can get back to enjoying myself. This has everything I need and keeps it all nicely organized with instructions for use so I don't need to have each pill memorized.  

10. Tumi Crossbody bag

My favorite bag not only because it was on the clearance rack at Nordstrom. It's the perfect size to fit everything I need without feeling big and can expand just a bit if I want to throw in something extra.  There are plenty of dividing pockets to keep things organized.  My favorite is the pocket between the flap and the main bag that is perfect for a cell phone and held closed by a magnet. 

What are your carry-on essentials? Comment below!

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